How to create a project dashboard from a list of project

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As a project manager or PMO, you sometimes need to create a dashboard for a very specific set of projects. Whilst the project filters on the dashboard page allow you to filter projects based on their metadata, they do not allow you to build a dashboard by specifying the list of projects you want to be included.

We will learn in this article how to use the advanced project search page to build a new dashboard by filtering on project IDs.

Step 1. Get the project ID value of the projects you want to include

The first step for putting together a dashboard based on a specific project list is to retrieve the project IDs of these projects.

There are two ways to find the project IDs.

  1. Export the Project Details file
    • Navigate to the project workspace or to a project dashboard that includes the project you need the project IDs for.
    • Use the Export To Excel option under Tools to download the Project Details file.

    • Find the project ID value in Column A of the Project Details file.

  2. Find the project ID on the project workspace
    • Navigate to the workspace page of the project you want to include in your dashboard.
    • Make note of the project ID displayed in the project details section. The project ID is listed after the project external reference.

Step 2. Set your dashboard using the Project Search option

Navigate to the New Project Search page from the Create button in the top navigation bar. 

Find the Unique Id field and enter the project ID value of each project that you want to include in your dashboard. Once done, click on the Search button.


Step 3. Save your new dashboard

The Results tab will show you the list of projects that match your search criteria. 

If you are happy with the results, click on Save as Dashboard to save the dashboard.

Add a title and description for your new dashboard and select the category you want the dashboard to appear when accessing your dashboard from the Dashboards dialog (you can find more information about saved dashboards here). 

If you are a project administrator or an application administrator, you will also be able to set whether the dashboard should be made available to all users.


Once the details are completed, click on Save and access your new dashboard from the Dashboards dialog on the project dashboards page navigation panel. 

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