In this article, we cover off how to set the general settings for your instance - like the default time zone and required branding for automated emails and meeting minutes.

Navigate to 'Administration Console' from the drop-down menu under your Avatar.

You need to be a System Administrator to be able to access the Administration Console.

For more on account permissions, click here

Navigate to the 'System Settings' section of the page and select General Settings.

General Settings set up

Application Name
The name of the instance to appear on all automated emails.

Application Timezone
The DEFAULT timezone for the instance. Time zones for individuals can be set on their account profiles so that they will see

Email Hex Colour
Your corporate colour to be included on automated emails and pdf minutes.

Your Logo
Your company's logo.

Default Templates - You can extract information out of Fluid into Word and Powerpoint templates. The instance comes configured with some default templates - although you can create and upload your own under Export Templates (outlined below).

Click on + ADD NEW to upload your template (reach out to the team on for available webex sessions on how to create templates). 

Adding a template under General Settings makes the template available across the platform for all projects and meetings, but templates can also be uploaded under the Documents section of Projects and Meetings for a custom report or minutes template specific to the project or meeting in question.

Select Add a document and click on Select files. Select the template you want to upload and save.

Once the document has been uploaded, open the document dialog by clicking on the edit pencil.

Under Type select whether the template just uploaded is a PROJECT REPORTING template (Dashboard Template), a MEETING MINUTES template or an ACTION & DECISION LOG template. Click on SAVE.