Funding: Project Funding

Modified on Thu, 12 May 2022 at 06:12 PM

User roles: Project Access  Financial Access

The Project Funding export file returns the project funding records for the project the export is triggered from. The file includes project funding amount broken down by fiscal years as well as the project funding total amount for the total duration of the project.

Note that the Project Funding export file does not roll up project funding from the sub-projects.

You can learn more about project funding here.

Field description

Column & TitleDescription
ActivityIdThe project Fluid unique ID.
ActivityRefThe project external reference.
ActivityNameThe project name.
FiscalYearThe fiscal year the funding applies to. If the cell value is blank, the funding amount represents the funding for the project total duration.
Expense CategoryThe expense category the funding applies to. If the value is blank, it means the funding record does not apply to a specific expense category but has been set at the project level.
AmountThe funding amount.
CapexThe capitalisable amount for the funding record.
OpexThe non capitalisable amount of the funding record.
ActivityGuidThe Fluid Global Identifier for the project.

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