How to Use Project Funding

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In this article, we will walk through how to set up project funding, and then how to maintain and report against this key financial control field.

Any additions or updates to the project Funding field need to be made by the Financial Adminstrator Role, and they are done via uploading changes to the system. This is by design to ensure that the field cannot be changed in error while managing the project.

Where to see Funding in the Project

Funding does not appear on a project unless populated by the Financial Adminstrator. Once the Project is created, the Financial Administrator will need to update the funding details, following the steps shown below.

This screen shot of the project details shows you a project that has not yet had funding applied.

On the same project shown below,  you can now see the overall project funding (1) is set to 150,000 USD . 

Funding can be set at Project level, or it can also be broken further to show annual Funding approved.

Where fiscal year funding is also used, as in the project below, the funding is shown in more detail. As well as the total project level funding (1), here you can see the funding to date (2) (this will show the current and any prior year funding) and also the funding by year (3).

How to Populate Funding Data into Fluid

The Financial Administration function has the permissions to input and update Funding information.

Using the Financial Administration Access, scroll down to Financials Upload and Reporting section.

From here download the Project Funding file as marked in red above.

This download will give all funding information on all projects in the instance.

Our top tip is to delete any projects you do not wish to change, to avoid any errors when uploading.

Once changes have been made or added to the excel file, save this, and upload back to the system (see below).

Preparing Data for Upload - Excel

Now let's look at the excel file and ways this can be edited to upload data to your projects.

When you first download this file, there will be no valid data - just the headings, shown below.

Field Description

Column & TitleDescription
A. ActivityIdFluid project unique ID.
B. ActivityRefThe project external reference.
C. ActivityNameThe project name.
D. FiscalYearThe fiscal year the funding applies to. If the cell value is blank, the funding amount represents the total funding for the project life cycle.
E. Expense CategoryThe expense category the funding applies to. Leave this value empty if the funding applies to the overall project. 
F. AmountThe funding amount.
G. CapexThe capitalisable amount for the funding record.
H. OpexThe non capitalisable amount of the funding record.
I. ActivityGuidThe Fluid Global Identifier for the project.

Once some data has been populated, each download will give all project funding information, for the following categories.

Uploads will only apply to the projects listed in the upload, so any other existing data will stay as is - for that reason, we recommend deleting all data from the download, and just uploading the projects you want to add or revise. This step is not essential, but may avoid accidental changes to other data.

We recommend you always use populate column A or B, as these are unique idenitifiers, and will avoid changes being made to the wrong project. Whilst Column C can be used, it is not a unique identifier.

To apply or update Project level funding, you may do this by omiting the Fiscal Year. Any change made here will update the overall Project Funding Value. If you wish to make Fiscal year additions or changes, the relevant fiscal year must be quoted in column D.

Removing Project Funding

If you wish to remove funding from a project, do not simply delete the line in excel, as this will not affect a change. Instead leave the line details as populate, but change the value cells to zero. when you upload the file, this will update the value to zero.


Unless Capex is specified, all funding will assumed to be Opex.

If you go to Project Dashboards, and switch to Financials, and select Financial Dashboard, and scroll down, you will see the project funding breakdown by Capex and Opex - see below.

This dashboard enables you to control and report capex & opex spend accross your programs and portfolios.

Note - Please check with Admin if you cannot see these columns - visibility is available via a configuration setting.

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