Project Health: Schedule Report

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The Schedule Report file lists the entire schedule plan for the project and its sub-projects.

The report also includes the schedule task custom properties that have been set to reportable.

The Schedule report returns all schedule tasks for the project and its sub-projects regardless of the schedule task promotion flag value.

Field description

Column & TitleDescription
ProjectThe project name.
ProjectIdFluid project unique ID.
ProjectRefThe project external reference.
GanttOrderNumbers are to specify the nested ordering of the schedule items. For example
1 / 2 / 3 - for a Tier 1 entry
1.1 / 2.1 / 3.1 - for a Tier 2 entry
1.1.1 / 2.1.1 / 3.1.1 - for a Tier 3 entry... etc.
ShortIdFluid's short Id for the schedule task.
TitleThe title of the schedule task
DescriptionThe detailed description of the schedule task.
TypeThe schedule task type - Action, Deliverable, Milestone, Phase or Workstream.
StatusThe status of the schedule task – Not Started, In Progress or Completed.
AssignedToThe full names of the assignees.
AssignedToIdThe usernames of the assignees.
PromotedThe schedule task Reported flag value - NotPromoted, ToDashboard, Parent or Program. You can find more about the Reported flag here.
PriorityThe priority of the schedule task – High, Medium or Low
PercentComplete% complete of the schedule task – include any numerical entry between 0 and 100.
AutoCalculateIndicates whether the schedule task duration is calculated from its sub-tasks. You can find more about the AutoCalculate flag here.
StartDateThe start date of the schedule task.
EndDateThe end date of the schedule task.
EffortThe effort in days of the schedule task. 
AlternateDateThe alternate date in the case the task is slipping and will be completed on a date different to the original end date.
The initial baselined schedule task start date.
The initial baselined schedule task end date.
RAGStatusThe RAG status of the schedule task.
StraplineThe RAG status strapline.
StatusDateThe date of the RAG status entry.
PredecessorsThe list of tasks that precedes this task and therefore control its start and end dates.
IdFluid unique ID for the schedule task. 
GuidFluid GUID for the schedule task.
AB onwardsSchedule task custom properties that have been set to Reportable.

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