Project Health: Project Impacts

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The Project Impacts file includes the details of all impacts (dependencies, risks, issues, changes, lessons learned and relationships) that have been reported for the project.

The report also includes the impact  custom properties that have been set to reportable.

Note that the Project Impacts export file does not roll up the impacts from the sub-projects. 

Field description

Column & Title
ActivityThe project name.
ActivityIdFluid project unique ID.
ActivityRefThe project external reference.
IdThe impact Fluid unique ID.
ShortIdFluid's short Id for the impact.
TitleThe impact title.
TypeThe impact type - Risk, Issue, Change, Lessons Learned or Relationship.
SubTypeThe impact sub-type.
StatusThe status of the impact - Open/Closed
ImpactThe severity of the Impact 
ProbabilityThe impact probability 
Risk RatingThe impact rating of potential severity and likelihood
DueDateThe date the impact needs to be resolved by.
ResolutionDateAlternate resolution date if different to the due date.
RAGStatusThe RAG status of the impact.
StraplineThe RAG status strapline.
StatusDateThe date of the RAG status entry.
OwnerThe name of the impact owner.
OwnerIdThe username of the impact owner.
ImpactDescriptionThe detailed description of the impact.
MitigationThe actions to be taken to mitigate the impact on the project.
DependentOnThe title of the project the impact is dependent on.
DependentOnIdThe Fluid unique ID of the project the impact is dependent on.
PromotedThe impact Reported flag value - NotPromoted, ToDashboard, Parent or Program. You can find more about the Reported flag here.
CreatedThe date the impact was created on.
ModifiedThe date the impact was last updated.
CreatedByThe name of the user who created the impact.
CreatedByIdThe Fluid ID of the user who created the impact.
CreatedByRefThe username of the user who created the impact.
ModifiedByThe name of the user who last updated the impact.
ModifiedByIdThe Fluid ID of the user who last updated the impact.
ModifiedByRefThe username of the user who last updated the impact.
PortfolioThe project portfolio.<
SubPortfolioThe project sub-portfolio.
DescriptionThe project description.
RequirementsThe project requirements.
ProposedSolutionThe project proposed solution.
BusinessDriverThe project business driver.
CostCenterThe project cost centre.
ActivityStatusThe project status.
StartDateThe project start date.
EndDateThe project end date.
ActivityTypeThe project type.<
PrimaryPMThe primary manager responsible for the project.
PrimaryPMIdThe primary manager username.
OwnerThe owner of the project.
OwnerIdThe owner username.
BusinessOwnerThe project business owner.
BusinessOwnerIdThe username of the project business owner. 
TierThe project tier.
Ba onwardsThe impact custom properties that have been set to Reportable.

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