Inviting Team Members

Modified on Thu, 30 Dec, 2021 at 4:11 PM

Help new users seamlessly join in and use Fluid by sending them a personalised invitation to sign up.

This article covers the User Management admin function for inviting people to Fluid, but any user can invite their team by clicking on Invite Team on the secondary nav from anywhere in Fluid if this feature has been turned on.

To access the User Management console navigate to the Administration Console from the drop-down menu under your Avatar.

From the Administration Console, navigate to the User Management section and select Invite a Team Member.

To access the invite dialog you will need Application Administrator or User Administrator access.

Inviting Team Members

There are three options available for inviting people to Fluid:

  1. By using the NEW INVITATION button.
  2. By sharing the signup link provided in the dialog.
  3. Via bulk invite using an excel template.

Sending a new invitation

Clicking on NEW INVITATION opens the invite dialog. 

  • Enter the email addresses for all the people you want to invite, separating email addresses with a semi-colon. 
  • To send an invite email to each team member with a link to accept their invitation leave the toggle as YES
  • Enter your own bespoke message for your invitation - or use the one that's pre-populated.


Each person will receive an email with a link to complete their signup.

Sign up link

The signup link will take people to the self-sign up page where they can follow the process for registering an account on Fluid.

Bulk Edit

  • Download the template.
  • Enter the first name and last name of each person you want to invite - including a valid email address for each. 
  • You can also specify a username for the account (D), set the Active flag (E) and specify whether the person must receive notifications (F & G) - but these fields are not mandatory for the upload.
  • Flag whether you want the invite email to be sent to all new invitees.
  • Upload the edited xls.

The newly invited accounts will be listed at the bottom of the upload window.

Managing invitations

All the invitations that have not yet been accepted are listed under Pending Invitations.

You can use RESEND INVITATION to resend a person their invite email. 

Or you can REVOKE INVITATION. If the recipient tries the link in the invite email they will get notified that the invitation has been revoked.

Under Accepted Invitation is listed all the people who have been invited and the date on which they accepted their invitation and completed registration. 

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