In this article, we cover off how to configure Team Sign Up and Invitation Settings

To access Team SIgn Up navigate to 'Administration Console' from the drop-down menu under your Avatar.

From the Administration Console, navigate to the 'User Management Settings' section of the page and select Team Sign Up.

To access Team Sign Up you will need Application Administrator or User Administrator access.

Team Sign Up

Setting the toggle to TRUE (Yes) presents Create an Account on the login page which allows people to sign up for their own Fluid accounts. After entering their details they will receive a confirmation email to complete registration.


Only those people with Application Administrator or User Administrator will be able to invite people to Fluid using the administrator Invite Console.

Only those people with the right administrator permissioning will see the 'Invite Team' option on the secondary navigation.

All logged-in users will see the 'Invite Team' option on the secondary navigation.


Email Domain Restrictions

If Restrict email domains = FALSE (No) then there will be no restrictions on what email addresses can be registered on accounts in Fluid. 

Restricting email domains to a specific list of whitelisted domains allows more control over who can be registered and have access to Fluid.

To register/whitelist a domain click on + ADD A DOMAIN NAME. Enter all the detail after the @ sign of the email address you want to register.

If Is this a client domain = TRUE (Yes), then users with an email address from this domain will only be able to communicate with users that are from domains where Is this a client domain = FALSE (No). This means you can onboard clients and prevent them from seeing each other in Fluid.

At the bottom of the dialog are invite options to INVITE NEW MEMBERS, or to copy a link that can be sent to your team. Click here for more on Invite Team.