Team Sign Up

Modified on Tue, 28 Nov 2023 at 09:13 AM

We will explain in this article how to configure the Team Sign Up functionality.

Note that only User Administrators and Application Administrators can access the Team Sign Up page.

To access Team Sign Up pagenavigate to the Administration Console from the drop-down menu under your Avatar.

Find the User Management Settings section and select Team Sign Up.

You will then be presented with the following page. 

Team Sign Up

Set the toggle to Yes if you want to allow people to self sign up and create their own account. The Create an Account option will then be accessible from the login page. 


Use the Invitations settings to configure how new user accounts can be created on your instance. 

Turn Invite functionality on

  • First set whether the Invite Functionality should be turned on. 
  • If turned on, you can invite new users when adding members to a meeting, aboard, a project, etc., or when assigning actions or decisions. The Invite Team link will also be displayed on the secondary navigation bar.

  • If turned off, only users with the Application Administrator or User Administrator role will be able to invite people using the administrator Invite Console or the User Management page.
  • Click here for more information on Invite Team.

Allow all registered users to invite new team members

  • If the invite functionality is turned on, you can choose whether the invite functionality is restricted to Application Administrators or User Administrators only or whether it is enabled to all registered users.
  • Set this value to Yes if any users can invite new team members. All logged-in users will then see the Invite Team link.

Email Domain Restrictions

Use this section to restrict the list of domains that users can use to log in on your instance.

If Restrict email domains is set to No then there will be no restrictions on what email addresses can be used when registering new user accounts.


Restricting email domains to a specific list of whitelisted domains allows more control over who can be registered and have access to Fluid.

To register/whitelist a domain, set Restrict email domains to Yes and then click on + Add a Domain Name to enter the domain name you want to whitelist.

If Is this a client domain is set to Yes, then users with an email address from this domain will only be able to communicate with users that are from domains where Is this a client domain is set to No. This means you can onboard clients and prevent them from seeing each other in Fluid.

At the bottom of the page are invite options to INVITE NEW MEMBERS, or to copy a link that can be sent to your team to self sign up (if Team Sign up has been turned on). 

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