Adding Team Members to a Project

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The process of adding resources to a project is a significant aspect in the realm of project management. It entails the crucial task of identifying the specific resources required for project completion. In order to do this successfully, one needs to include them as team members in the project before allocation. 

In this article, we will provide comprehensive guidance on how project managers can add team members to their projects and review the list of individual team members who will be granted access to their project information. 

Adding Team Members

Establishing your team members as a project manager grants members access to the project data, to review and stay up to date with how the project is progressing. By following the insights below, project managers can effectively navigate the resource allocation journey and ensure appropriate access privileges for the project's designated team access.

Step 1. Add a new team member


  • To add a new member to your project, navigate to the Community section on the project workspace and click on Add New Team Member.

  • Once the dialog opens, populate the resource fields by selecting which resource and what role the resource will be performing. 

To learn more about the resource filters on the dialog, refer to the using resource filters article by clicking here

Reviewing team members

Step 2. Reviewing a member

  • You can review all the members on a project by navigating to the Community section of the project workspace and clicking on Team Members



NOTE: When removing team members, members cannot be edited or removed from a project if:
      1. they have been forecasted on a project; or
      2. they have captured timesheets against the project.

  • Team members can be identified by the Calendar icon next to their name.


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