Importing MS Project plans

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In this article we describe how to import your MS Project plans using MPP, MPT or XML MS Project files.

In this article, you will learn:

          how to import a project schedule into Fluid from MS-Project.

          the steps to upload the MS-Project file.

          the rules that are applied when you upload the MS-Project file.

Uploading Conditions

Fluid maintains the framework of project plans managed in Microsoft Project (MS Project), but due to system differences, the following conditions apply: 

  • File Formats: MS Project files must be in one of the following formats: MPP, MPT, or XML. 
  • Resource Assignment: Resources assigned to tasks in MS Project cannot be automatically assigned to tasks in Fluid. This is because Fluid requires the ID in the uploaded file to match the ID in Fluid to assign resources correctly. If the IDs do not match, the resources will need to be manually assigned within Fluid. 
  • Microsoft Project Installation: You do not need to have Microsoft Project installed on your device to import MS Project files into Fluid.

How to import a project schedule into Fluid from MS-Project? 

Preparing your MS-Project data for import

To import a project schedule into Fluid from MS-Project, you first need to save your project in an MS-Project file. 

The following steps outline how to save your project in MS-Project as an MPP, MPT or XML file:

  1. Open the project in MS-Project.
  2. Click File – Save As
  3. Select the desired location of where you would like to save the MPP, MPT or XML output file
  4. Insert a name for the file under File name
  5. From the Save as type drop down select the type of file you want to create - .mpp, .mpt or .xml.

You can also export your MS-Project plan by selecting File – Import/Export in step 2, but the outcome is the same.

Uploading the MS-Project file to Fluid

Once you have saved your project in MS-Project as an MPP, MPT or XML file, you can upload it.

Navigate to the workspace of the project you want to upload the plan to, then scroll to the Schedule section of the workspace and click on Edit in Gantt View.

Once in the Gantt schedule, go to 'Tools' - top right of the screen - and select MS Project Upload from the drop down menu.

The upload dialog will open. Read the instructions and tooltips on the upload dialog carefully. This will help to ensure you know what behaviour to expect!

Click on Upload File, select your MS-Project file and click on Open. 

Fluid will upload the file - and when the file has been processed the dialog box will close and your schedule will refresh to display the uploaded plan in Fluid.

If you find content missing after uploading your file, it's more than likely the file is still processing.

Give it a few of seconds and then hit the refresh button top right of the schedule- or refresh the entire page.

Field Mapping Table

Fluid can read MPP projects (native MS Project format and Microsoft Project Online format) and XML project formats. MS Project 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 MPP formats are supported.

Below is detailed the fields considered as well as the rules that are applied when importing MSP files:


Field in MSPField in FluidField Type in Fluid
Percent Complete% CompleteNumber
StartStart DateDate
FinishEnd DateDate
Resource NameAssigned To (see rules below)Reference to Object



Field in MSPField in FluidField Type in Fluid
Predecessor: IDPredecessor: IDReference to Object
Predecessor: Task NamePredecessor: TitleText
Predecessor: TypePredecessor: TypeSelection
Predecessor: LagPredecessor: LagNumber


The below table indicates the rules applied when uploading the data.

Percentage complete of 0%Status of the task set to Not Started
Percentage complete between 1% - 99%Status of the task set to In Progress
Percentage complete of 100%Status of the task set to Completed
TaskSet with a task type of Deliverable
Mark task as milestone selectedSet with a task type of Milestone
Rollup taskSet with a task type of Phase
Multiple tasks are on the same day any dependenciesLag on dependencies set to -1. Fluid supports duration in days.
Resource Name matches registered email address or account username in FluidResource allocated
N/AAll imported tasks default to a RAG status of Green in Fluid.
N/ADuration set to the number of days between Start Date and End Date.

Impact of the 'Include Weekends' Setting when Importing a Microsoft Project Plan

When uploading Microsoft Project plan (MSP) files to Fluid, the 'Include Weekends' setting influences how effort estimations and start/end dates are handled. Fluid always calculates EndDate based on StartDate plus Effort, which may differ from your MSP file due to public holidays and weekend settings. Fluid does not support public holidays, treating them as working days. 

Include Weekends On 

When the 'Include Weekends' setting is enabled: 

  • Weekends are counted as working days. 
  • No dates or effort are refactored post-upload, except for public holidays, which Fluid does not recognise and will calculate as working days. 

Exclude Weekends On 

When the 'Include Weekends' setting is disabled: 

  • Any schedule items with start dates falling on weekends will be pushed to the next working day, with the EndDate adjusted accordingly to maintain the same effort. 
  • Any schedule items with end dates falling on weekends will be pushed to the previous Friday if the effort allows, or extended to the next week.

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