Actions & Decisions: Editing in Fluid

Modified on Tue, 29 Sep, 2020 at 10:40 PM

In this article we cover off how to edit an action or decision on the action log of a Meeting, Project or Teamspace. 


You can edit an item only if the following is true:
  • You own, or have full edit/management rights, to the project/meeting/teamspace that the item is from;
  • You are the one that created the item using Fluids Natural Language Commands - you can see who created an item on the bottom right corner of the dialog...

If you don't agree with the details of an item assigned to you, REJECT it and add your rejection comments requesting the changes you need to be made. 

The person who assigned it to you can then make the required amendments and resend it.

Open the dialog of the item you want to edit by clicking on its title and select the "Amend Action" option at the bottom left hand corner of the action dialog (if you do not see the "Amend Action" option - you don't have edit rights to the item for the reasons stated above).

From the edit dialog you can edit/change all the details of the item without losing attachments and any historical chat:

  • Title;
  • Priority;
  • Due date; 
  • Theme;
  • Who sent the item i.e. where it is from; and
  • Assignees.

You can also DELETE the item altogether. Please bare in mind that DELETE cannot be undone and all comments and other info on the item will be lost.

Editing the FROM field

Changing the FROM field will MOVE the item from one action and decision log to another. 

Remove the meeting by clicking on theicon next to its name.

Click on the filtering drop down if you want to expand the search to something else.

Search for and select the required name. 

In this example the item is moved FROM the meeting dashboard of the Business Management Meeting - TO the meeting dashboard of the Test Run Meeting. It will retain all the comments, updates and chat.

You need to be the owner, or have full edit/management rights, to something to add it to the from field.

Editing Assignees

To remove an assignee simply click on theicon next to their name.

To add a new assignee click on ADD ASSIGNEE.

Search for the new assignee you want to add, select their name and click on ADD.

Update the team of you updates in the comments if necessary.

When you are happy with your updates to the item click on SAVE - and confirm your changes.

If you change the priority, due date, 'from' field or assignees of an item, any existing assignee statuses will be retained.

If you change the TITLE of an item then Fluid will reset all assignees statuses to Request

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