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Setting up project tiers and project business drivers help create clear agreement on the organization's critical business objectives. 

Project teams often use project tiers to create a matrix of project segments or levels that determine accurate tasks, processes and activities required for delivering the project.

A business driver is the root cause or the rationale for developing a new project. It explains why the project is needed and what expected solution the project will deliver upon its successful completion. It also provides any necessary background information about the business problems to be solved or addressed.

In this article we will explain how to set up tiers and business drivers. 

Setting up Tiers & Business Drivers

Navigate to Administration Console from the dropdown menu under your Avatar.

From the Administration Console, navigate to the Project Settings section of the page and select Tiers & Business Drivers. Please note that the label "Business Driver' can be configured from the Activity Setup page so the link may de displayed differently if you have renamed the label.

You will be presented with the following page.

Select this tab to configure project tier values.
Select this tab to configure project business drivers.

When setting up a new business driver, you can specify whether the business driver applies to one tier only (i.e the business driver is only valid when a specific tier value has been set to a project) or can be used regardless of the selected tier value.  

To add a new item, select the tab you need to add an item for and click on the Add Item button. Click on the pencil icon to update an entry or click on the cross icon to delete an entry.

Uploading Tiers & Business Drivers using Bulk Edit

You can use the bulk edit functionality to create, update or delete tiers and business drivers.


Select Export Tiers & Business Driver under the Tools menu to download the bulk edit file. The file will be empty if no tiers and business drivers have been set up. Make the required changes and upload the updated file by selecting the Upload Tiers & Business Driver menu option.

You can find the description of the file columns in the next section. 

Column description 

The tiers and business drivers excel file contains two tabs. 

Tiers tab

Column & Title
Tiers The name of the tier. 
ActiveWhether the tier is active in the system and can be used when setting up the metadata on a project. 

Business Drivers tab

Column & Title
The name of the business driver. 
The name of the tier the business driver is linked to. Leave the value blank if the business driver can be used regardless of the tier value set to a project.

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