In this article you will learn how to add recurring sessions to a meeting created from Outlook.

Steps to create recurring meeting sessions via Outlook.

Step 1. Create a meeting

To create a meeting in Fluid from Outlook, you first need to navigate to Fluid homepage and click the @ icon in the Upcoming Meetings section. 

Once the dialog opens, click on Copy Link to copy the meeting link/email address and add it as a recipient to the meeting invite in Outlook. 

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Step 2. Meeting Dashboard of the meeting

Once the meeting is created in Outlook, it will be updated in Fluid. You will notice that the meeting will display a message in the Sessions section that outlines that the meeting was created from Outlook (originated from an external calendar). 

Step 3. Create the meeting sessions via Outlook 

NOTE: It is important to note that the email address (found on the Fluid homepage) that is used to initially create the meeting via Outlook is only used at that initial stage. It is not used to create recurring sessions. 

To add recurring sessions to the meeting, you will need to include the unique meeting email address as a recipient of the original meeting invite.

  • Navigate to the meeting dashboard of your meeting and click on the @ icon to find the meeting email address.

  • Once the dialog opens, click on "Copy Link" to copy the email address to be added to your recipients list of the original meeting invite in Outlook. 

  • In the meeting invite, set the frequency of the meeting and then send it out again to create the sessions. 

  • Once the invite has been sent, return to your meeting dashboard and view the updated sessions in the Sessions section.

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