In this article you will learn how to deactivate a user account. Once an account is deactivated, the resource can no longer log in, cannot be assigned to actions or decisions and cannot be allocated to projects.

Step 1. Navigate to the User Management page

To access the User Management console, select User Management from the drop-down menu under your Avatar.

Note that you need to be User Administrator in order to access this page.

Step 2. Search for the user account to be deactivated

Search for the user account that should be deactivated. 

Step 3. Set an end date to the user's resource plan

Navigate to the Resource Plans section of the user account and edit the resource plan by clicking on the edit icon (edit pencil).

When editing the resource plan, change/set the end date of the resource plan to a past date (any date prior to today's date) and then save. 


Once the resource plan is saved, click on Update to apply the change. The account is now deactivated.