Schedule tasks can be assigned to different resources and project managers need to have an easy way to see the recent updates made to the project schedule plan. This article will explain how to see the project plan's recent updates. 

Steps to display the project resource plan's recent status updates

Step 1. Navigate to the project you want to check the updates for

To access your updates, navigate to the project workspace of the specific project and select the Schedule option on the left-hand navigation to guide you to the project's schedule. 

Step 2. Open the Schedule filters and select the Status Updates filter options

Open the project schedule filters to select which time period the status updates should be displayed from. 

Tasks that have been updated with a status update will be displayed on the workspace if the tasks have been promoted to the dashboard. 

Once you have filtered on a time period for the status update, all the tasks with a status will be displayed and can be accessed by clicking on the task itself. 

The status update can then be reviewed on the task's dialog.