Schedule tasks can be of various types: Phases, Workstreams, Deliverables, Milestones and Actions. Schedule tasks of type Actions that you are assigned to are listed in your actions dashboard. However Phases, Workstreams, Deliverables and Milestones tasks are not and this article will explain how to quickly access them to update their status.

Steps to update the schedule tasks you are assigned to.

Step 1. Log into Fluid

You need to have an account in order to log into Fluid. You can find more about how to log into Fluid here.

Step 2. Navigate to the project you want to update the schedule task for

To navigate to the project you need to update, you can: 

  • Click on the Open Project button next to the name of the project in the Active Projects section of the home page if the project is listed in this section. 

  • Search for the project using the search functionality in the top navigation bar. 
    • Click on the search icon and start typing the name of the project you want to access.

You need to be able to access the project the Phases, Workstreams, Deliverables or Milestones tasks belong to in order to be able to update their status.

Step 3. Display the tasks assigned to you

When you are on the project workspace, click on the Schedule menu item in the navigation bar on the left hand side of the page. Then click on the Filter dropdown and select Assigned to me button to see all the schedule tasks that are assigned to you.

Step 4. Update the task status

Click on the schedule task you want to update to open the task dialog. Update the status of the task and add a new status report. Click Save to save your updates.