Dashboards are the perfect solution for creating your own pre-defined reports that can be saved and accessed frequently to assist with dynamic project reporting.

Create a new dashboard from an existing dashboard by applying new filters

Dashboards can be created from any project dashboards by applying different project filters. 

To create a new dashboard, apply the new project filters and click on Save as Dashboard

Once the dialog opens, enter the dashboard details and click on Save

Create a new dashboard from an existing dashboard by applying a new layout

You can also create a new dashboard from an existing dashboard by applying a new Report Layout. 

Apply the reporting layout you need using the Switch Report Layout option and apply any filters to give you the report you need. 

Save it as a dashboard by simply clicking on Save As Dashboard.

Create a new dashboard from Project Search functionality

Use the project search functionality to create a new dashboard if you need to use advances search criteria like status report dates or project start and end dates.

To create a dashboard using project search, click on Create and select New Project Search.

Fill in the fields you want to search on and click on Search.

The results for your search criteria will be displayed under the Results tab. If you are happy with the returned results, click on Save As Dashboard.

Enter all the details for the new Dashboard, making sure they are sufficiently descriptive so it is clear what the Dashboard is for and click Save

Accessing saved dashboards

Saved reporting dashboards can be accessed using the Dashboards menu option. 

  • My Dashboards tab displays your own saved dashboards.
  • The Project Dashboards tab shows all project dashboards that have been set to public.
  • The Resource Dashboards tab shows all resource dashboards that have been set to public.
  • If there are any dashboards that have been saved under a dashboard category, the dialog will display additional tabs for all saved categories.

Editing a dashboard

You can edit and apply different filters and/or change the Report Layout of any saved dashboards at any time. Simply navigate to the dashboard you want to update, apply new filters or change the layout page and select:

  • Update Dashboard to update the dashboard.
  • Save As New Dashboard to save the dashboard as a new dashboard.

A dashboard can also be edited via the Edit button next to the dashboard title. This option should be used if you need to apply advanced search criteria.

From here you can change the search criteria and make your updates using the dashboard editing dropdown menu.