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The Financial Cap Amort Export file contains the complete list of financial capitalization and amortization forecast and actuals records for the project and its subprojects posted in the selected date range. 

You can export data for the current financial month, current, previous or next financial or calendar year, or choose a completely custom time span.

The report also includes the reportable custom properties for the project, the resources and the community plan.

  • The Financial Cap Amort Export file rolls up financial data from all sub projects too. It therefore lists the capitalization and amortization records of the projects and its sub projects.

  • The Financial Cap Amort Export file aggregates capitalization and amortization records that apply to the same project and have the same expense category/type, capitalization percentage, capitalization month and amortization period.

The Financial Cap Amort Export file share the same format as the other financial reports in order to ensure consistency across the different reports. However, as this report aggregates financial records in order to reduce the size of the file, quite a few columns are not applicable.

Field description

Column & TitleDescription
LineTypeIndicates whether the financial record is a Amortized or Capitalized record.
LineSubTypeIndicates whether the financial record represents a Forecast or Actuals amount.
YearThe financial year the financial record is posted to.
FullYearForecastIndicates if the financial record is included in the project full year forecast.
MonthThe month the financial record is posted to.
DateThe date the financial record is posted to.
ProjectThe project name.
ProjectIdFluid project unique ID.
ProjectRefProject external reference.
Alternate ReferenceThe alternate unique identifier of the project (different to the project external reference).
ProjectTypeThe project type.
PrimaryPMThe primary manager responsible for the project.
PrimaryPMIdFluid unique identifier for the project primary manager.
PrimaryPMRefThe primary manager's username.
OwnerThe owner of the project.
OwnerIdFluid unique identifier for the project owner.
OwnerRefThe project owner's username.
BusinessOwnerThe project business owner.
BusinessOwnerIdFluid unique identifier for the project business owner.
BusinessOwnerRefThe project business owner's username.
ProjectStatusThe project status.
ParentThe Top Parent project of the project in the Project Hierarchy.
ParentIdThe unique ID of the Top Parent project.
ParentRefThe Top Parent project external reference.
ValueThe amount value of the financial record in the default currency.
DetailThis value indicates whether the capitalized amount is derived from a Forecast or Actuals record.
ExpenseCategoryThe expense category of the financial record.
ExpenseTypeThe expense type of the financial record.
ReceiverCostCentreThe project cost centre.
ClassificationThe value indicates whether the amount value was calculated from forecast and actuals records. 
RecordIdThe Capitalization Fluid record ID.
EntryIdThe Capitalization Fluid record ID.
CurrencyThe currency the financial record was entered in.
LocalValueThe amount value in the currency the financial record was entered in.
RestatedValueThe amount value in the restated currency.
CapitalizationIdThe capitalisation Fluid record ID. This is only applicable to Capitalized records.
AmortizationPeriodsThe financial record amortisation period. The value is set to 0 for Amortized financial records.
AmortizationStartThis value indicates the month the amortization for the associated capitalization record started / will start.
AmortizationIdThe amortisation Fluid record ID. 
CapPercentageThe capitalisation percentage that was used to derive the amount of the capitalised record. This is only applicable to Capitalized records.
PlaceholderThe value is always set to False.
ProjectCategoryThe project category. 
FundingSourceThe project funding source.
ModifiedThe date the financial record was last modified.
EditorsThe project editors.
EditorsIdThe editor's username.
ExecutiveThe project executive.
ExecutiveIdThe executive's username.
PortfolioThe project portfolio.
SubPortfolioThe project sub-portfolio.
BX onwards
  • Project custom properties that have been set to Reportable
  • Resource custom properties that have been set to Reportable
  • Community Plan custom properties that have been set to Reportable

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