As a line manager you can access everything related to your teams allocations, timesheet approvals and timesheet performance be selecting 'Team Items' under the 'My Items' menu

My Team, Team Resourcing & Forecast

My Team sections displays the resources that are a part of the team that overseen by the manager.

Team resourcing & forecast displays the headcount and months that a resource was allocated in. This includes the ability which surfaces the amount of time allocated to a resource by hovering over the months. 

Team Allocations

The first section on the page gives you a view of all your team members and the projects they are allocated to.

Team Forecast


Select a person to send them a message or navigate to their profile. Select a project to send the project a message, open the project workspace, view a health report or see the financials.

Timesheet Performance

The second section gives you a view of your teams average timesheet compliance and which team members have un-submitted timesheets for what weeks during the current financial year. Select a timesheet to open it.

If a team member is 'missing' from this view - check with your administrator that they have not been set as timesheet exempt!

YTD Timesheet Performance



From here you can review and approve, or request amendment, of your timesheet approval requests



Timesheet Overview

All your team members that need to submit timesheets are listed in this table with the status of their timesheets for each week. You can navigate backwards and forwards in time by selecting the arrow icon either side of the dated columns. Click on a timesheet status icon to open it.

Team Managers can submit timesheets on behalf of their resources. If the timesheet has not been started, is open or needs amendment, the timesheet can be selected by clicking on its status icon, make required changes and submit the timesheet. 

Timesheet Overview

The list of possible status values for timesheets in this view is as follows:

: Not started
: Open
: Submitted
: Amendment requested
: Amended and resubmitted
: Approved
Locked: Timesheet locked
: Timesheet not required. Resource has not joined yet, has left the organisation or is on leave.

Team managers can send timesheet reminders to the resources who have not completed their timesheets. To send the timesheet reminders, navigate to the Timesheet Overview section and hover over the week you want to send a reminder for. An envelop icon will be displayed. Click on the icon to send the reminders for the selected week.

Exporting to Excel

To export your timesheet data to Excel, simply select the export you want from the 'Tools' section on the left hand navigation. 

Export menu

Timesheets extract

Select a date range for the timesheets you want to include and hit Export.