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In this article you will learn how to create an executive and how to add an executive to your project. 

Note that you will need to be a data administrator to be able to create the executive role and user administrator to update the user accounts.

Steps to add an executive to project detail

The executive role is managed by the user administrator in the form of a custom property that is added to the user account of the executive that is responsible for the oversight of a project's progress. 

Step 1. Access the Custom Properties page as a Data Administrator

Navigate to the Administration Console page to access the custom properties page.

Once the dialog opens, select the Custom Properties option.

Step 2. Create a custom property for Executive

As the Data administrator, create the custom property by navigating to the Person custom property page. 

Add a new custom property named Executive with the data type Yes/No and set it to "Reportable" (this will include the custom property in your reporting extracts).

Step 3. Assigning the Executive role to new & existing user accounts 

As a User administrator, the next step is to update the user accounts that should be set up as Executive. Simply navigate to the user account page and set the Executive custom property switch to Yes.

Step 4. Set the project's executives

Project managers and project administrators can set up the project executives by navigating to the Project Details page. 

Click on the Community link on the left hand navigation to scroll down to the Community section, select the project's executives from the Executive drop down list and then save.