Creating a Personal Access Token

Modified on Thu, 08 Oct 2020 at 05:50 PM

  • Personal Access Tokens (PAT) provide an alternative authentication mechanism from the short lived OAuth token issued when using a username & password. 
  • The PAT is valid until you regenerate a new token. 
  • The PAT will expire within 365 days. 
  • The expiry date is shown once a token is generated. 
  • PAT uses basic authentication where the username is your Fluid username and the password is the generated token.

To generate and use a token please follow the steps below. 

  1. Go to “Update My Profile” which is on the main menu (Drop down when clicking the Avatar).

  2. Click “Generate Personal Access Token” (If this button is not visible then please contact Fluid support).

  3. Copy the newly generated access token by clicking the button “Copy Token”. Store in a safe place as this token will not be available later.

  4. Use Basic authentication, with your Fluid users username as the username, and the password as the generated token.
    Example of what is seen in Power Apps when creating a custom connector.

    Example of setting the username and password in PowerApps. (Creating a connection)

  5. If you are creating your own request manually (with a tool like curl) then you will need  to combine your Fluid username with the personal access token and encode to base 64.  (Note there must be a colon between the username and token.)

    E.g.: username:PersonalAccessToken

    Result: david.burt:ZGF2aWQuYnVydHwyMDIwLzExLzA0IDEwOjU2OjM4IEFNfDYwNDMyODE3Ng==

    Convert the username and token to base64. (

    Result: ZGF2aWQuYnVydDpaR0YyYVdRdVluVnlkSHd5TURJd0x6RXhMekEwSURFd09qVTJPak00SUVGTmZEWXdORE15T0RFM05nPT0=

    You can now use the above base64 token with a Api request to your Fluid instance.

  6. Add an Authorization header to your request which uses the Basic authorization type.

    Authorization: Basic “base 64 token”.

    E.g. Header example
    Authorization: Basic ZGF2aWQuYnVydDpaR0YyYVdRdVluVnlkSHd5TURJd0x6RXhMekEwSURFd09qVTJPak00SUVGTmZEWXdORE15T0RFM05nPT0=

  7. Example of a curl request.  
    curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Basic ZGF2aWQuYnVydDpaR0YyYVdRdVluVnlkSHd5TURJd0x6RXhMekEwSURFd09qVTJPak00SUVGTmZEWXdORE15T0RFM05nPT0="  

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