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The Project Labels & Field Names page allows you to customise the terminology used within the Projects module, aligning it with your organisation's unique language. On this page, you can change the names of different parts of the Projects module to match the words your team uses every day. This means you can call each field by a name that makes sense in your company. It is all about making the software easier and more straightforward for everyone in your team to use.

To access the Project Labels & Field Names page, navigate to the  Administration Console from the drop-down menu under your Avatar.

From the Administration Console, navigate to the Project Settings section of the page and select Project Labels & Field Names.

Project Setup Fields

The Project Labels & Field Names page allows you to rename the following fields. 

Fluid Field
What is the field used to represent?
Project Details 
Title Name your project in a way that's clear and meaningful for your team. Ideal for quick identification and understanding of the project's focus. 
Portfolio Categorise your project into a strategic group or segment that aligns with your business structure. 
Sub portfolio Further classify your project under a specific subset within the chosen portfolio. 
TierAssign a level or rank to the project, indicating its priority or scale within your organisation. 
Business DriverIdentify the key reason or objective behind initiating the project. 
Proposed solutionBriefly outline the intended approach or solution the project aims to deliver.
Line of Business labelRefers to the specific department or functional area within the organisation that the project is intended to benefit or is most closely aligned with.
Project Administration
External referenceA field for inputting a reference ID or code from external systems or documents related to the project.
Alternate External referenceAn additional field for another external reference ID, offering a secondary linkage to external resources or systems.
Project Reference PrefixPrefix to be appended to the auto-generated project external reference.
Project Hierarchy
ProgramThis field allows you to associate the project with a larger program, grouping it under a broader strategic initiative.
Project Financials
Currency symbolSymbol of the default currency used in the application.
Cost CodeA field for entering a specific code that relates to the project’s budgeting and financial tracking.
Project Health
Status Report Strapline Max CharactersThe number of characters the status report strapline is limited to. 
Executive Summary labelThis field is used to customise the label for the executive summary section of project's status report.
Executive Summary Help TextText to provide guidance or instructions on what to include in the project's executive summary.

Project Impact
Measures the potential effect or consequence a risk or issue could have on the project's objectives or outcomes.
Indicates the likelihood of a risk materialising.
Risk Rating
A composite metric that evaluates the overall severity of a risk by combining its impact and probability. This rating helps in prioritising risks and issues based on their potential effect on the project.
Project Community
Primary PMDesignate the main person responsible for managing and driving the project forward. 
OwnerSpecify the individual accountable for the project’s success and overall outcomes.
ExecutiveName the executive-level stakeholder or sponsor overseeing the project. 
Business OwnerIdentify the person who owns the business problem or opportunity the project addresses.
Accountable Executive 1 labelIdentify the top-level executive who holds ultimate responsibility for the allocation and management of resources.
Accountable Executive 2 labelA designation for the executive one level below the Accountable Executive in the organisational hierarchy.
DivisionA classification field to categorise resources according to specific divisions within the organisation.
DepartmentRefers to a more specific subset within a division.
TeamThe team a resource is associated with based on the given department that they belong to.

Primary Status Component RAGs

The Primary Status Component RAGs section of the Project Labels & Field Names page allows you to select which status report component RAGs are reportable to parent projects.

To set a component RAG as reportable, click on the check box in front of the component RAG name. 

Impact Types Set Up

Fluid comes with a list of predefined impact types. To select which impact type applies to your organisation, simply use the check box to select the types that apply. Note that Risks and Issues types cannot be deselected.

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