How to Convert Custom Property Values to Shared Lists

Modified on Fri, 03 Mar 2023 at 03:22 PM

If you have multiple custom properties representing the same data, you should consider converting the data list to a shared list so that it can be maintained centrally.

In this article, we will explain how to convert custom property values to shared lists. 

NOTE: Only Application Administrators or Data Administrators can convert custom properties to shared list.

Identify the custom properties that share the same values and used shared lists instead

If you notice that multiple custom properties have an identical list of values and require manual updates whenever the list changes, it may be worthwhile to create a shared list. By linking each property to this list, any updates made to it will automatically propagate to all associated properties, eliminating duplication and ensuring data consistency.

Step 1. Identify the custom properties that should be converted to a shared list

SCENARIO  You just created a custom property for projects that lists all possible applications that the project applies to. This same list of applications has also been set as a custom property for a project pipeline board, as well as for a BAU Kanban board. 

  • Maintaining the same list in three different places not only creates overhead, but it also creates risk for data inconsistency, especially with board properties being maintained by board owners and not by data administrators.

Step 2. Edit one of the custom properties to convert the list of values to a shared list

  • Continuing with the above scenario: Navigate to the Administration Console and open the Custom Property Management page to locate and edit the Project custom property for applications.

  • Click on the Save as shared list button.

  • You will be presented with a dialog to create a shared list. Notice that the values for the shared list are already populated based on the values of the Application property. Enter a name and a description for the shared list before saving. 

Note that you can also edit the list of values or set a default value before saving.

  • After the shared list is saved, you'll be redirected to the custom property's dialog. Note that the shared list is now linked to the property. Click Save.

Step 3. Edit the remaining custom properties that will share this list

  • In the Custom Properties Management page, navigate to the elements that require the change and edit the Application property.

  • Select Link a Shared List.

  • Select the Application shared list. 

Once selected, the shared list will be linked, and the custom property can be saved. 

With this new feature, you can now centrally manage the Application list of values without having the same list in multiple places each time a change is needed.

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