Here follow the steps required to forward a meeting created in Outlook, to Fluid.

Step 1. Create a meeting

Create a meeting in Outlook, adding the required attendees, date and time. 

The functionality of the Outlook Web Application and the Outlook Desktop Application differs slightly. This article will guide you accordingly.

  • Creating a meeting on the Web Application version:

  • Creating a meeting on the Desktop Application version:


Step 2. Copy the meeting link from the Fluid Homepage

Navigate to the Fluid Homepage by selecting the Fluid logo in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Then copy the meeting email link by clicking on the "@" icon on the meeting section.

Select Copy Link from the popup dialog. 

(This meeting email link will be added as a recipient/attendee to the meeting invite in Outlook). 


Step 3. Forward the meeting to Fluid

NOTE: To forward to and create  a meeting in Fluid, you have to be the creator of the meeting in Outlook.  

A. In Outlook, forward the meeting invite. 

  • In both the Web Application and Desktop Application versions of Outlook, forward the meeting by either 1.) opening the invitation and selecting Forward Meeting;

  • or by 2.) right-clicking on the meeting in your calendar and selecting Forward.


B. In the invite, paste the meeting email link that was copied from Fluid and send the email. 

C. Once the invite is sent, the meeting will be forwarded to and created in Fluid.