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Use Fluid to get the most out of your work day – whether you are leading a team, running a meeting, managing a project or tracking agile execution.

All-in-One Solution


Fluid helps you track, plan, manage outcomes and gain insight into the effectiveness of your meetings.

Integrate Meetings into your day without changing the way you work to enjoy a host of benefits.

Improve preparation
Good preparation makes for great meetings! Fluid gets everyone on the same page with shared access to the agenda – and any required documents – ahead of time.

Produce clear outcomes
Always leave your meetings knowing exactly what was agreed and what should come next. Assign actions and agree next steps as part of the conversation in the room so everyone is clear on who needs to do what by when.

Automated Minutes
Share your minutes within minutes. With one click you are able to distribute formatted minutes to everyone as soon as the meeting ends.

Collaborate and communicate
Everything in Fluid automatically gets its own chat channel – so everyone has complete visibility of the discussion, contextually linked to what it is related to.

Less Email
Liberate your inbox! Keep the meeting discussion and updates in Fluid, and enjoy the benefit of having everyone aware of the conversation at all times.

Find more about Fluid Meetings here.

Project and Portfolio Management

Whether you're a project manager, a PMO or a project stakeholder or executive, Fluid gives you the tools to run great projects with configurable features so you only use what you need and none of what you don't.

Manage what you need
From simple health status and schedules through to financials, capex & opex, benefits, budgeting and resource timesheets a fluid project grows with you.

Portfolio Financials
Keep financials in check with real-time visibility and up-to-date project financials

Resource & Capacity Management
Real-time insight into resource availability and workloads

Risks, Issues & Dependencies
Have absolute visibility on all up and down stream impacts for pro-active mitigation

The intuitive, one-page project ‘workspace’ grows as you do with real-time, dynamic reporting for visibility like never before.

Find more about Fluid Projects here.


Workhubs bring people together around a shared purpose and give you a simple view of who needs to do what by when.

Your Hub for Work
Simply link all your team's meetings, boards and projects to your hub, Fluid will then keep you up to date with a combined view of the work.

No more silos
We've erased the lines between your Meeting, Boards and Project Space. Now you can add any or all of your spaces into a WorkHub, and get a comprehensive view of everything you've added.

Find more about Fluid Workhubs here.


Visually organise, prioritise and track ad-hoc and agile team activity through fully customisable Sprint or Kanban boards.

Find more about Fluid Boards here.

Fluid's modules can be used individually - or all together to create a powerful solution for managing everything you need to do across your eco-system of meetings, projects, teams and Sprint/Kanban execution.