Whether you're in a meeting, managing a team or tracking deliverables, go paperless and use Annotations to add your private notes directly to your shared PDF documents.  

Browser / Web App

It is easy to identify a document that can be annotated by the VIEW & ANNOTATE PDF option next to the document. Click here to open the document and start annotating...

Annotations made on documents in Fluid are private. Only you can see your scribbles!

Once the document is open you can start adding your notes!

The annotation tools can be found on the UI toolbar header.  Hovering over each option will present a tooltip on what the tool is.

Click on a tool to switch to it or click on the downward pointing arrow to see any other annotation options that may be associated with the tool as well as other colour options.

You can also switch to the tools by right-clicking on the document. This will bring up a context menu - from here you can select an annotation tool to switch to.

For most of the annotation options available you simply need to click or click + drag to create your annotation.

To delete an annotation you can either click on its 3-dot menu in the left-hand panel and select Delete.

Or select the annotation on the document and use the menu pop up.

Once you have made your annotations you can download or print your doc with your scribbles to share with your team.


To access your meeting documents, navigate into your meetings by clicking on the meeting icon in the mobile app navigation.

Tap on a meeting to navigate into it. You will find any meeting documents at the bottom of the screen. You can also easily identify items on the meeting that have attachments. 

To access attachments for a meeting item, simply tap into the item to navigate into it.

Remember - only PDF documents can be annotated!

Any documents that you may have already annotated have a visual indicator as follows:

You can access a document by tapping on it. The annotation tools can be found on the UI toolbar header.  Tap on the pencil to open the detailed tools menu to start annotating your document.

Annotations on mobile work in much the same way as they do on the web app. Select the tool you need and simply click or click + drag to create your annotations.

Press and hold on the document for a fish eye magnifier. This will also bring up a context menu - from here you can select the annotation you want to make.