In this article we explain how to add Actuals to a project using the user interface.

The ability to edit project actuals using the interface is feature driven and can be turned off so that actuals are only uploaded by financial admistrastors from the financial administration console - in which case the EDIT ACTUALS button will not be visible on the project workspace.

You need to be the project manager, project editor or a project administrator in order to be able to edit project actuals.

Steps to edit the project actuals

Step 1. Open the Edit Actuals page

Click on the EDIT ACTUALS button in the Financials component page.


Step 2. Select the expense category and expense type for your actual amount 

Once in the Edit Actuals page, select the Expense Category and the corresponding Expense Type you want to add an actual amount for.Please note that you can only select expense types that have not been locked for user entry.


Click on Add New Entry.

Step 3. Enter the actuals entry details

Enter the date the actual amount is due, the currency the expense is in, the amount value, a reference number for the entry and any description required. Click Save.


Note that it is not possible to enter actuals amount that fall in locked months.