Meeting roles and permissioning

Modified on Tue, 6 Oct, 2020 at 6:38 PM

The access and functionality you have on a meeting depend on the role you have. In this article we outline the different roles for a meeting and which functionality each role allows you to perform.

The following meeting roles are defined:

  • Meeting Owner
    • The Chair of the meeting. 
    • Has FULL edit rights to the meeting. 
    • Is automatically considered a meeting member.
    • Statistics are tracked on the meeting Dashboard.
  • Meeting Member
    • A person listed as a member of the meeting under meeting settings.
    • Statistics are tracked on the meeting Dashboard.
  • Meeting Facilitator
    • The secretariat for the meeting. 
    • Has FULL edit rights to the meeting. 
    • Is NOT automatically considered a member - should be added as a member as well if their stats are to be tracked for the meeting
  • Session Attendee:
    • Is a named attendee to a session.
    • Members are automatically added to new sessions, but session attendees can be managed independently of meeting settings (and meeting members), so session attendees and members can differ.
    • A session attendee that is not a member of the meeting CANNOT access the meeting.
  • Session Guests:
    • Are added to sessions under the 'Guests' section in order to capture their attendance to the minutes
    • CANNOT access the meeting

Can access the Meetings Dashboard

Is included in the meeting stats on the Meeting Dashboard

Has access the Meetings Chat Channel from the Chat Hub

Can edit the meeting settings (Meeting title, members, themes, purpose, type)

Can create/delete meeting sessions

Can edit session attendees

Can edit the date, time, venue of meeting sessions

Can add, edit and delete all meeting content on open meeting sessions

Can send/assign actions and decisions from the session

Can conclude, cancel and/or open meeting sessions

Can edit all assigned items from the meeting dashboard (title, assignees, due date, etc)

Can edit the items they have assigned using Fluids Natural Language Commands from the Chat Channel

Can update the status on their assigned items under My Items and provide feedback to the meeting
Can see upcoming meeting on their home page and open the meeting preview

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