To add non-resource forecast record to a project, navigate to the Financials section of your project workspace and select EDIT FORECAST.

Then click on ADD NEW LINE button from the Manage Financial Forecast page.

You will be presented with the Add Financial Forecast Item dialog. To add a new forecast record, you need to:

  • Select the expense category.
  • Select the expense type.
  • Select the currency for the forecast amount.

You can also add a description to the forecast record but this is not mandatory.

After clicking on the Add button, a new line for the expense category / expense type combination will drop into your financial forecast table where you can enter your monthly forecast amount for the financial year.

  • Add your values to the input boxes in the table.
  • Clicking into an input box displays a comment box just below the expense type line should you want to include any specific details on the amount you are entering. 
  • You can see which entries have comments attached to them by the little Seppech Bubble speech bubbleicon below the input box. Click into an input box to view or edit the comment.
  • Click on the scrolling buttons either side of the date toggle to scroll through multi-year forecast details.

Only forecasts for the current month forward can be edited/changed. Prior months are locked.