Adding or Editing Project Status Reports

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Project status reporting is the process of regularly updating stakeholders on the progress, health, and performance of a project. It’s like the heartbeat of your project, providing real-time insights into how things are going and helping you make informed decisions. 

In this article, we will learn how to add or update project status report. Please refer to this article to learn how to configure the status report component RAG and the RAG status values.

Updating Project Status Reports

You'll find the status report section on the project workspace at the top of the page, just below the project details section. 

Click on the + New Status button to create a new report. The Edit Status button allows you to edit the current status you are viewing. You will be presented with the following dialog.

Here's some guidance for completing the status report fields: 

Report Date: 

The date of the project status update.


A succinct, high-level overview providing a snapshot of the current RAG status of the project. This summary should be clear and concise, aimed at offering an immediate understanding of the project's health. The character limit is configurable, ensuring it is brief yet informative enough to serve as an effective summary for all reporting purposes.

Overall RAG: 

Indicate the overall Red, Amber, or Green status of the project. Red signifies serious issues, Amber indicates potential problems, and Green represents smooth progress (you can set up more values as explained in the Project Status report Configuration article). The Overall RAG status can be set manually or derived from the RAG status of individual components, depending on configuration. 

Component RAGs: 

Report on the chosen components that are tailored to your organisation. These should align with overall project objectives and be regularly reviewed to reflect any changes in project scope or objectives. 

A Red or Amber component RAG requires path to green mitigating commentary, an owner and a due date for resolution. You can also link a Risk or Issue from the project to the Red or Amber component.

Executive Summary: 

This field is designed for presenting a concise status commentary, serving as an alternative update tailored to the needs of different stakeholder groups. It should encapsulate the key aspects of the project's progress, challenges, and outlook, providing a snapshot that is informative yet brief enough to cater to varied audiences. 


Detail what has been accomplished since the last status report. Quantifying these achievements where possible can offer a clearer and more tangible picture of progress.

Next Steps: 

Outline the planned actions and objectives for the next reporting period. Highlight any dependencies or critical paths that may influence these steps, ensuring alignment with the overall project plan and objectives.

Once you're happy with your status update, Save.

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